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Joris van Vuure

joris van vuure
Born and bred in Amsterdam.
Studied International relations.
Over ten years of experience as a guide because giving people a good time in my favourite country is what I do best.
Art, History and Architecture are my pet subjects.
I can enjoy a good meal and love to travel.

Tours are tailormade, personalized and adapted.
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    Remo Dursun

    remo dursun - guidor gids
    Life to me is a journey on the way. For most of my life I have been literally on the way. While I seem to be settled here in the Netherlands, I want to explore the endless horizon and marshy ground of this peaceful country. You are most welcome to join me.
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    Elisabeth Vermeiden

    Elisabeth Vermeiden
    Elisabeth’s tailor made tours offers guided services in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
    Available for all types of groups, individuals and transportation according your budget and wishes.
    With me you will have the opportunity to visit the cities of Amsterdam, Delft, Utrecht and other Dutch cities on foot or by bike.
    These cities are well known for their significant historical heritage , urban development and their old and new architecture.
    I organise guided visits to the most beautiful museums and prestigious galleries
    Doors to private gardens, patrician houses with their superb interiors and other buildings with specific Dutch architecture will be opened for you.
    My private excursions can also be done off-the-beaten-track by coach, boat(sailing boat) or even by limosine, to explore the hidden treasures of this country below sea level.
    Landscape and watermanagement are optional themes during our trips.
    Hoping to welcome you soon!
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    Nicholas Anderton

    Nicholas_Anderton Guidor  - Gidsenpaginas
    Friendly and experienced guide. An Oxford-educated historian, who has lived and worked in the Benelux countries for over 20 years. How about going off the beaten track and visiting lesser known cities such as Alkmaar, Haarlem or Hoorn? A day-tour of WWII battlefield sites such as Arnhem? A minibus with driver can be provided as well, but needs to be booked ahead.
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