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Amsterdam School architecture
Photo by: Marijke Volkers

Amsterdam School architecture

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In 1901 a new housing law was passed to provide better housing conditions for the working class. In the 1920’s a group of socially conscious architects introduced a new building style called the ‘Amsterdam School’. Housing for the working class should look like ‘palaces’. This architectural style is unique and overwhelming: expressive brickwork, undulating roofs, and many humorous details. Even the typesetting used for house numbers was designed specifically for these houses. There are many beautiful examples of this unique architectural style in the city. You will be surprised by their beauty.


The tour can be done by bicycle or on foot in combination with public transport visiting different neighbourhoods.


3 hours

Group size:

max 15 for the walking tour
max 12 for the bicycle tour

Optional extras:

entrance to museum ‘Het Schip’.