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Dutch National Guides Association
The guild for professional guides in The Netherlands

Guidor is an interest group for professional guides in the Netherlands, with more than one hundred and sixty affiliated qualified guides. Guidor is a member of the global umbrella organisations World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) andĀ  European Guide Organization (FEG). We are the only professional association representing the interests of Dutch guides in general and of our members in particular.

Certified guides

Guidor guides have followed a rigorous training-course to become certified. They haveĀ  thorough knowledge of subjects in their field and on a variety of related topics, and are aquainted with safety regulations. In addition to the final exams, our guides take professional refresher courses to maintain in-depth knowledge and remain informed of recent developments. Both professional and language skills are at the highest level within Guidor. Our services are available in more than twenty languages.

Reliable hallmark

The Guidor certificate / GiVak diploma is a reliable quality label that is only issued to the most captivating, well-trained and versatile guides. We guarantee an educational and fascinating insight into Dutch culture, history and everyday life.

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