In the Netherlands, there are more than 650 museums!
We will give you a few suggestions of museums you can visit with a Guidor guide. They will bring the collection to life!


has a vast collection of Dutch painters. Especially the 17th-century painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer are world-famous.

Van Gogh museum:
a complete museum dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh’s work, including his famous sunflowers.

Stedelijk museum:
the modern art museum with works as from 1860 including Piet Mondriaan, Malevich, Barnett Newman.

Maritime museum:
highlight is a replica of the Dutch East India company sailing ship the Amsterdam. The museum contains one of the largest collections of maritime collections in the world with 40.000 objects.

Smaller house museums such as:

Rembrandt house

Van Loon


Den Haag

a beautiful house including a fantastic collection of 16th and 17th century Dutch masters. Highlight: the world-famous painting of Johannes Vermeer: The girl with the pearl earring.

houses an art collection including 160.000 objects with art of Mondriaan, Schiele and many more.

Panorama Mesdag:
houses one of the largest 360!° panorama’s in the world giving you a view over the beach of Scheveningen in the 19th century.


Booijmans en Beuningen : closed

Maritime museum:
Here you can discover the enormous effect that shipping has on our daily lives. There is a collection of historic vessels and cranes you can visit.


Catherijne Convent:
Wander the halls of a medieval monastery and be enchanted by the most beautiful collection of medieval art in the Netherlands.

Centraal museum:
has a wide-ranging collection of old and modern art. Highlights are a significant collection of paintings made by the Utrecht Caravaggisti. The Rietveld-Schröder house and the Miffy museum make part of the Central museum.

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